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Welcome to my legal office!

„All Life is Problem Solving“ (Sir Karl Popper)


Whatever the reason for your visit is, thank’s a lot for being nosy. In case you are in need for legal assistance in Austria, you are welcome to check on my legal services. Due to my training and professional experience I can provide assistance in civil law matters as well as civil and administrative procedures with a focus on business and corporate law, contracts and property law, tort law, administrativ law (e.g. building regulations, commercial law), family and inheritance law.

Of course, this is just a choice of my legal work. If you are not certain whether I am the attorney or not to deal with your problem, feel free to ask. Problems are often appealing to various legal fields.


The above mentioned quotation comes to live in my approach to your problem. It is important to me that a client gets a honest and unbiased opinion on possible solutions and the prospects of success. I like a frank conversation with my clients in a climate of absolute discretion. It all starts with a thorough collection of facts, which is the key for legal problem solving.


In my opinion laws are not passed to give our profession just a playing ground. Laws are made to serve mankind. This in mind I am not the attorney to seek in your problem an academic legal play ground. I would rather assist you in solving your problem: „All life is Problem solving


With best regards,

Dr. Armin Zelinka, attorney-at-law